Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Franklin County NY Scanner

Franklin County New York State

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You are listening to the airwaves of Northern Franklin County NY

EMS - Fire - Police

Some of the Frequencies for this area are as follows:
154.905Mhz NY State Police Base to Car,
155.565Mhz NY State Police Command,
155.595Mhz NY State Police Car to Base,
46.220Mhz Fire Truck to Truck,
156.210Mhz Sheriff Dispatch,
45.325Mhz Fire Truck to Base,
46.100Mhz Fireground,
46.380Mhz Malone Fire Dispatch,
156.135Mhz EMS Operations,
159.090Mhz EMS Paging,
*Priority channel is set to Malone Fire Dispatch, 46.380Mhz*159.090Mhz EMS Paging
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